June 9, 2023


win-today“Win today, and we walk together forever…”

We had just moved from Pennsylvania when Fred Shero, coach of the Philadelphia Flyers, wrote “Win today, and we walk together forever…” on their dressing room blackboard before game 6.  The Flyers won this game over Bobby Orr and the Boston Bruins to capture their first Stanley Cup.


 Three clients and their lawyer walk together forever

In early June 2014, I recognized Greg’s name and delayed my departure from arraignments long enough to re-connect with a man I hadn’t see since we prevailed in a Residential Burglary trial when we were both much younger.  Trying to explain the sentiments to our firm’s summer extern, I reached back to Shero’s famous quote, “win today, and we walk together forever.”


Earlier this week, I heard another man say, “do you remember me?”—I stared into his face for a long moment, before exclaiming, “Kevin” and we discussed the case where a jury found him “Not Guilty” of harassing some fellow beachgoers at Frenchman’s Bar.


And last but not least, just months after a hung jury propelled his cases to resolution and his freedom, Bob’s favorite team, the Los Angeles Kings, raised the Stanley Cup.  While the teams shook hands, Bob sent me a text celebrating the result from Disneyland where he’d spent the day with his son. 

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 Greg, Kevin, and Bob are but three of my clients who understand the true meaning of winning in a courtroom and walking together forever.


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