March 27, 2023

Super Bowl Sunday Tips for the 12th Man

Avoiding a DUI

1.  You could get over 25 cab rides* for the average price of a DUI

2.  According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, traffic accidents spike more than 40 percent in the hours after the Super Bowl — an average of 1,300 more crashes, 600 more injuries and seven more deaths nationwide.  More telling? In states with the losing team (Go Seahawks), the number of crashes increases 68 percent after the game, but accidents rise only 6 percent in the state with the winning team.  Source

3.  If you ignore #1 & #2, then memorize the following:
* Be polite
* Give your real name (giving a false name is a new crime and can sometimes be charged as a felony)
* Be silent, except to request a lawyer
* Refuse to take the Field Sobriety Tests
* Do not consent to a search of your car
* Never touch a police officer (this can be a felony assault)

Avoiding a DV arrest

1.  Although it now appears to be a myth that domestic violence (DV) increases on Super Bowl Sunday, nevertheless, this being just the 2nd time Washington’s team has made a Super Bowl I thought it worthwhile to remind you that if police respond to a DV call, they will arrest the person they interpret to be the primary aggressor and this person will:
* Be taken to the Clark County Jail (360-397-2207)
* Appear before the Judge on Monday at 9am for felonies or 1:30 p.m. for Misdemeanors (call my office to confirm, 360-696-4495)
* The Judge routinely imposes a No Contact Order forbidding contact between the accused and the victim, regardless of the victim’s peference.
* All jail phone calls are recorded, so do not break the no contact order by calling the victim.

2.  Love your lover more than your team–you are not the only 12th man and it’s not her fault (regardless of Bud Light’s “whatever it takes” to help your team win slogan).

3.  Separate and take a 3-30 minute walk, remembering that Vancouver’s low temperature is likely warmer than the Seahawks and Peyton Manning’s Broncos played in for 3 plus hours — if that hasn’t worked remember that DV Treatment could cost over $1,800 (including probation fees) not to mention the inconvenience of spending on average 3 months apart from the one you love (or even your roommate who happened to be rooting for the Broncos).

*Call Vancouver Cab,Clark County Cab, Battle Ground Cab, 360-737-3333  $2.50 to get in the cab and then $2.40/mile, meter is running until you exit and pay. To prevent DUI’s they’ve partnered with 5 local bars and offering 10% off from Main Event (Downtown & East; Legends in Hazel Dell, Charlie’s off 112th, and Irish Town in Cascade Park or if you mention this W. Todd Pascoe’s blog post

Or call Radio Cab, 360-694-1234, $2.50 to enter, $2.50/mile, $1 per additional passenger, and $0.50 a minute when cab at a complete stop (e.g. red light or waiting for customer).

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