June 9, 2023

8,336 Reasons to Call Vancouver Cab

How Much Does a DUI really cost?

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Base Costs for a DUI*

$595.00            Fine (mandatory minimum of $940.50 on WA DUI Grid includes $343.50 below)

$  43.00            Conviction Fee/Court Improvement Fee

$200.00            Emergency Response Cost (or actual costs up to $2,500)

$200.00            BAC fee

$102.50            Traffic Penalty Assessment

$ 75.00             Victim’s Impact Panel

$ 60.00             Evaluation for Chemical Dependency (ranges up to $200 depending on agency)

$ 75.00             Alcohol Drug Information School (min. treatment needed to get license reinstated)

$150.00            Driver’s License reissue fee

$118.47            Ignition Interlock Installation (some newer models & hybrids cost an addt’l $50)

$1,048.56         Ignition Interlock (one-year mandatory minimum for first time DUI conviction)

$300.00            SR22 Insurance (estimate of increased premium, varies by driving record)


Potential Extra Costs:

$   314              City of Vancouver Filing Fee

$   100              City of Vancouver Emergency Response Cost is $100 more than the County

$   225              Electronic Home Confinement (if permitted in lieu of one-day jail)

$1,000              Passenger under 16

$1,300              Out-Patient Treatment (26 weeks of weekly classes $50/per class)

$   105              Random UA’s (average of three per customer at $35/per UA).

$2,400              Probation Fee of $100/mo. which ends when all conditions are met.

$   375              DOL Hearing Request


Legal Services:

$1,500-2,500     Hiring at Attorney (prices vary) / Court-Appointed Attorney fee is $150



Base Costs:      $2,967.53

Legal Costs:     $2,000.00

Extra Costs**:  $3,369.00

Total Costs:      $8,336.03***




*First Offense with a BAC Reading of greater than .08 but less than .15 (Refusals and > .15 cost more)

**Many Vancouver WA DUI Convictions

***$8,336.03 buys a lot of cab rides.  So let a professional cab driver from Vancouver Cab get you safely home tonight.  ~ W. Todd Pascoe


Compiled by W. Todd Pascoe and Gregory S Cheney 6/2014 (sources of information include: Anchor Point; Clark County Corrections; Clark County District Court; Guardian Interlock Systems; Revised Code of Washington)

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