June 9, 2023

3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets


Ron Davis, father of the 17-year old killed in the incident depicted in the film “31/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets”, will be present at the free showing of the film this Sunday, 4/17, 5 pm. – Clark College Gaiser Student Center


  1. This true story is an example of how many white men find that they can vent their anger and frustration on young black males. They feel they are expendable : it had nothing to do with stand your ground: we’re talking about music being played too loud. The shooter saw “thugs” not people when he opened fire on the vehicle. He shot and fled. That in and of itself points to guilt. What was really telling was the testimony of the murderer’s witness: he never told her in the car in the time that it happened that he saw a weapon in the car. This murderer thought he could use the judicial system – a system so often stacked against minorities – to his advantage doubly victimizing Jordan. Not this time. Thank God, not this time.

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